Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GlobalLive key target is 45+, so why social media?

According to marketing site One Degree, Anthony Lacavera says his new cellphone service will initially target women age 45-plus when it launches during the fourth quarter of 2009. He says this customer, who is the decision maker in her household and has an eye for value, will be sourced from the Yak customer base.

While it is obvious that the 45+ crowd is largely ignored by the major wireless carriers, it is odd that this is the stated target segment for Globallive given their marketing activity thus far.

They launched wireless soapbox - - a good effort to collect market and industry data in their pre-launch efforts, but they don't collect any information on the people posting on the site to help understand what are key drivers by segment. I assume they've identified their core target based on penetration levels, but jumping into the 'social media' space doesn't seem incredibly aligned to their target behaviour - particularity if you look at the forrester participation rates of this target in this type of activity -

Although I applaud their efforts to start branding efforts on a grassroots level, they need to align their 1:1 marketing against their core strategies. Understand what this crowd really wants in the social media space and align that to their core business objectives. For example, if Globallive wants to compete as a value brand against koodo, fido and solo - they may want to lower their aquisition and retention costs by onboarding customer via the web and create robust forums for customer servicing or educating on the products/services. Sounds simple, but the 45+ crowd isn't naturally inclined to use the web for customer service - this would require a bit of work to get them there (easier if you already have channels of communication if they are a Yak customer). But if the value is there, it amazing what will motivate people.

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