Thursday, December 4, 2008

Listen In - Using mass media for the masses and driving search.

On the surface - this ad for listen in seems like another in the slew of crappy infomercials -

Everything but the kitchen sink is in the brief - trying to appeal to every possible segment that may potentially buy this product. Is Listen In for you? Well, the product wasn't appealing at all to me until they showed the mothers in the park using it - then I thought there could be some practical applications for it for people besides seniors in churches.

These guys have ignored those marketing rules that tell you to have laser like focus on your key segment and have opted to try to cast the net to every key segment. And that is where the brilliance lies - they have heavy late night advertising - using mass media to appeal exactly to that - the masses. They know that mass media doesn't have the targeting they would ever need to segment the product, so they cast the net as wide as possible to build interest and drive product awareness. And then they get smarter - after they have established awareness for product and 'Listen In' branding - they own search. Google it (or search it on youtube or other google products) and you will always be greeted to and add for Listen In.

This is a great use of using mass media to drive universal appeal and own search for your product. And the scene with the guy in the gym makes me laugh.

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