Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brand Integration - A New Idea? I Don't Think So, But the BIG Opportunity is Content Deployment

With the challenges that broadcasters are having on the future to advertising sales with the advent of digital TV and DVRs (see my perspective on this topic), they are turning to the 'new' idea of brand integration. We all know that this is obviously not a new idea, as product placement has existed for years and P&G were the inventors of the soap opera.

Here is a nostalgic advertorial that leverages the entire line up of prime time stars circa 1965 - from competing networks even! Makes you wonder if an advertiser could produce something like this today - negotiating with all the broadcasters, distributors, production houses, unions, agents and managers.

This is the exact type of material we should be looking to produce to keep viewers engaged in traditional commercial content. But advertisers need to take it further and develop an overall Integrated Content Strategy. This content should be leveraged by the advertiser for additional deployment in other channels - sales rallies, direct mail, in-store materials and a whole host of other marketing efforts.

Imagine after seeing this in your favorite show - a DM piece comes with Lorne Green inviting you for a test drive - you go to the website and sign up and there are out-takes and additional content for you to view. And after you sign up for your test drive you get a follow up OBTM call from your favourite actor thanking you, along with an MMS of the car/actor sent to your mobile. Then you get in store and you're greeting with life sized cut out's of the whole gang? Makes we want to test drive a Corvair...

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