Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cyborg Beetles - The next big grassroots opportunity.

Although this is really has nothing to do with communications, this is likely one of the craziest things I've seen in a long time. UC Berkeley is experimenting on insects to basically create armies of cyborg beetles. Or as they put it "implanted devices are designed to hijack control of motor functions, induce physiological changes, and to serve as a self-contained platform for various transducers."

You have to watch the video, it will blow your mind - Click here.

Now there are lots of applications of this beyond the obvious creation of cyborg armies of Dolph Lundgren type super humans - there are some really interesting applications for this from a marketers standpoint. Think of the mystery shopping research you'd be able to do by flying a few bugs into the store to monitor a few sales transactions (in real time via the web!). Maybe control a few swarms of locusts to create a living and changing billboard in the sky. Or the intel you can gather from your competitors by flying a few of these into their boardroom.

I just hope those folks over at Berkeley have some decent security and are watching to make sure no evil super villains are lurking about.

Thanks Engadget for the image.

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