Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mini launches iPhone game - and it's not what you think.

I'm a big fan of things that the crafty marketers at Mini do. They constantly surprise the market with engaging outdoor installation pieces and insightful advertising that is unique to their brand.

So when I heard they launched a new iPhone game I thought to myself - those guys are so smart developing another cool branded experience. Then I saw the game 'Liquid Assets', which is a new take on an old game that has nothing to do with their product, and I thought - what a odd thing to do.

So maybe I'm a purist when it comes to these types of things or I just like the obvious - but why didn't they lead off with a driving game? They could have commissioned a game developer to tailor a existing game featuring your fav Mini utilizing the iPhone/iPod Touch's unique interface. I'm sure that Mini fans everywhere would have jumped at the chance to push a Mini to the limits in various courses. This just seems like it would be tighter to the product and enable them to learn a bit more about their audience (ie. data collection, tracking behaviour, etc)

Games rule on the Apple handheld platform - but they still have to be great to engage the user. Sometimes it's better to just do the obvious. And do it really well.

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