Friday, February 13, 2009

Creepy or Cool - VW Let's You Make Babies

In promotion of the Routan, VW launched a site that lets you make a baby. All you need to do is simply upload a picture of you and your partner and presto - you know what your kid(s) will look like! At first I found this a bit creepy, but then I used it and it was kind of cool.

Creepy, because I gave up rights for VW or Crispin to have unlimited use of my pictures for use or to edit/alter however they want. Then I started to think about it and although I don't really post too many of my own pics in public domains - lots of other people do and I do upload many of my person pics to closed areas on Flickr. Also, because when you use the app - the baby you create follows your cursor around the screen. That was creepy.

Cool, because one of my favourite things of all time is the 'Game Face' feature EA Sports has in Tigers Woods 08. In this application, I've uploaded pics of myself and EA has created a golfer with my face - which is really cool. I play golf as me, complete with all my equiptment and clothes that I typically wear - and my FACE! It's amazing. Personalization on the web is what sets it apart from all other mediums - and this VW feature automatically involves two people which basically guarantees that this will be viral. They also included so many ways to share, users will definitely show off to the world what their offspring will look like.

This app also ties really nicely with their strategy - which I assume is to target young couples with growing families in an engaging way. VW should reap the rewards off additional branded impressions that this app should create though the momentum effect.

I also think a good side effect will be that office folks everywhere will use this as a time killer - matching all their co-workers to see what their kids will look like! Now that's creepy.

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  1. Creepy for sure. I laughed when you suggested people in the office will be using it...all those inter-office romances just went up a creepy notch!