Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Media Can Drive Creativity to Unparalleled Levels

Traditional media formats we have become accustomed to have killed any sense of true creative thought and alternative thinking.

The 30 second TV ad, the 22 minute time slot, the full page, four colour newspaper ad (if you are so lucky in these economic times). All these formats have forced creativity into a mold that needs to draw upon known, familiar memories to be effective.

It makes me think of Noam Chomsky's thoughts from Manufacturing Consent. The essence being that the forced concision of today's society makes it impossible to argue a new thought because of the back up required to support it (and the lack of attention to pay attention to the support).

I believe that this has a major effect on the advertising and creative communities. It is much easier to feed up a relatable storyline that is predictable and comfortable than something that is truly groundbreaking. The mold has been set and the people making the decisions want to approve the tried, tested and true. Holding up a mirror to pop culture is more prevalent now than ever before - think of all the recent remakes of movies and TV shows, plus the massive amount of parodies on the web.

New media, new interactivity, and completely unparalleled new distribution opportunities create a whole new way to break the plane of traditional ways to engage people. Multimedia can truly be multiple elements of media all coming together to form a new stories or interactions. We now have the opportunity to completely change the way people consume and interact with entertainment or communications.

More on this topic to come - with practical examples of how to do it.

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