Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Regression Branding- The Key to Social Media Success

Everyone is trying to figure out how to tackle social media. Too often the tactics supersede the strategy and marketers get excited about entertaining contest or otherwise to really get it right.

Enter Regression Branding. Traditionally brand strategy is created like this - you understand your product/service, identify some key elements of it that differentiate it against the competition, make sure those things are target relevant, then create positionings to market it.

Regression Branding is about stripping back from your ad campaigns and your positionings and identify the lowest common denominator of how people want to interact with your brand - then create a social presence to address this.

For example, a wireless services company can strip down to the essense of their service - to help customers choose phones and plans that are right for them. Then facilitate those discussions to help customers with their core service proposition. Branded experiences and contests are wonderful marketing tools, but they won't buy any loyalty if your customers don't believe in that you can deliver on your product.

The proposition may be slightly more difficult for a CPG company - but with the right type of analysis and insight - marketers can get down to the root cause of what customers want to discuss to drive their business growth.

So lets all regress back to caveman marketers and build your social presence!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Violence and Video Games - True Evidence Has Finally Emerged!

Crawling through some blog posts the other day regarding in-game advertising, the debate over in-game violence causing real violence was still raging. I came across this comment that made me laugh out loud.

"I for one can attest to the connection, and video games have been responsible for a timeline of reprehensible actions throughout my life. This is one of those times, but feel free to share your own story:

6 y.o. -- As a mere 1st grader, I was caught hallucinating on mushrooms, breaking into a pet store and demanding where they kept the turtles. When the clerk looked confused, I snarled "traitor", slapped him in the face, and proceeded to the turtle section in the back. There I carefully laid them out on the tile floor and proceeded to do a semi-homosexual leap in to the air (one fist in the air and a blank expression on my face) and crushed the slimy quadripeds beneath my shoes. Apparently I was rushed to jail while screaming that someone owed me a princess."

Mario Brothers, if you didn't get it. Thanks Tgeigs.