Friday, April 3, 2009

Violence and Video Games - True Evidence Has Finally Emerged!

Crawling through some blog posts the other day regarding in-game advertising, the debate over in-game violence causing real violence was still raging. I came across this comment that made me laugh out loud.

"I for one can attest to the connection, and video games have been responsible for a timeline of reprehensible actions throughout my life. This is one of those times, but feel free to share your own story:

6 y.o. -- As a mere 1st grader, I was caught hallucinating on mushrooms, breaking into a pet store and demanding where they kept the turtles. When the clerk looked confused, I snarled "traitor", slapped him in the face, and proceeded to the turtle section in the back. There I carefully laid them out on the tile floor and proceeded to do a semi-homosexual leap in to the air (one fist in the air and a blank expression on my face) and crushed the slimy quadripeds beneath my shoes. Apparently I was rushed to jail while screaming that someone owed me a princess."

Mario Brothers, if you didn't get it. Thanks Tgeigs.

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