Monday, July 13, 2009

Interactivity and Video - The Next Frontier.

TV 2.0, interactive video, choose your own adventure. Whatever you want to call it, entertainment is moving toward a much more engaging model.

TV has been a very passive activity - sitting on a couch and being entertained. Video games pushed the couch experience to a much more social level, but has been limited to gamers and youth. Online video has changed how we consume video - smaller bit sized snippets usually referred by friends - but even this is changing with better streaming quality and HD availability.

The Obama inauguration was a pivotal point in pushing how people engaged video - being able to stream something that was typically always in the domain of the big networks and even add interactivity like chat along side. Now Facebook has made their streaming platform publicly available, so anyone can take advantage of this interactive technology. Michael Jackson's memorial service used it, and has launched an application to leverage this as well. (Although with there is little interactivity watching someone sleep).

A new viral campaign has tapped into the idea of 'choose your own adventure' using You Tube in an anti-weapons campaign (sorry, couldn't embed). The result is a very interesting and sticky experience.

Interactive video is the next frontier of entertainment. It won't kill the traditional passive viewing, but there is a huge opportunity to link these various technologies together to create a new experience. Layer in other opportunities like mobile and there is a tri-fecta of new media engagement about to happen.

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