Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Cable Increase - Yahoo!

So I get a letter from Rogers today:

"...(Rogers) costs went up 10% more than last year... Rogers will absorb much of these increases..."

This means prices are going up.

Then I looked back at the Q1 reporting to the street:

"Our first quarter results reflect continued top line growth combined with good traction on cost controls. We delivered double-digit adjusted operating profit growth, margin expansion at all three segments, and a 27% increase in free cash flow,"

This means that shareholders should be happy.

As a customer, this is another price increase with little obvious payoff beyond a new online portal where I can watch back episodes of "Chips".

As a shareholder, I'm confident that inertia will stop customer from churning and going to more affordable alternatives like torrents and P2P sharing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What is Twitter, a Social Network or a News Media?

This is a great example of how to mine twitter. My company (www.syncapse.com) takes a very similar approach and had similar findings around the 20% reciprocity on Twitter. Twitter as a 'social' network is not that social. It is important to note this when calculating the earned impressions or media value that your tweets can create. A few axioms ring true; 1)birds of a feather flock together, and 2) pyramid models don't exist.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Games Within the Game on FourSquare

Technologies like FourSquare offer people so many wonderful things to do to kill time while on the bus, sitting in class or in a meeting. You can become the Mayor of your fav hangout and earn badges along the way - all the while promoting your coolness to your friends. Yes, there is functionality too, like being able to find out some decent places that other go to that you may not know about.

The interesting thing about this game are the games that can spring up within the game. Recently, my office started a trend of 'Microlocations' (credit @edlynne). So instead of trying to become the Mayor of Syncapse, there is a flurry of activity where people are trying to become the Mayor of locations within the offices of Syncapse. I currently hold the title of Mayor of both the Finance/PR Office as well as Stall #2 in the Men's Washroom. Holding these Mayoral ships will be a challenge and is a wonderful work diversion. I have to note that Hemesh B is currently the Mayor of my office.

Some would say this is a total diversion from work, but I see it as a wonderful reason to go and say hello to fellow co-workers and get my nose out of laptop. I think this trend will continue, and go even more mirco with people becoming Mayor of square meters in specific locations (the second cement brick north of the crosswalk on the way into the Eaton Centre). Hopefully it will just help bring people together for their shared love of that place on earth.

Another trend is becoming Mayor of state's of mind or feeling (credit @pcrowe) - becoming the Mayor of 'Hungover' or the Mayor of 'Happy'. This will be much more difficult to compete against (plus the location angle makes it a little less relevant) but nonetheless, it is quite existential. I can't image trying to retain a Mayoralship of Happy.

So join in, play the game, and try to unseat me from my throne at Syncapse!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Software to Manage Social Media - SocialTALK

After a few months of work - my company has launched SocialTalk. This is a nifty piece of web based software that helps companies manage and measure social media better. This is why we created it...

We work with clients on many fronts, building branded communities, social measurement, and managing Facebook applications and fan pages. I'm also a user, having tested and using a bunch of aggregation services like Hootsuite, Ping.fm and TubeMogul. All these work for posting, but there was nothing out there that included workflow or aggregated all the key measures together.

Still, you may ask - 'who cares'.

This is why.

As social media matures and we emerge from the infatuation phase there needs to be some systems of checks and balances to make sure that what a company is posting is approved and that it works. I've seen numerous marketers inadvertently launch products, post confidential information or just plain post something they wish they hadn't.

SocialTalk brings in governance that companies need in managing multiple Facebook, Twitter or Blog presences. A simple workflow system lets brand managers, product managers, legal and others contribute to the process. No longer is the lowly coordinator sitting in the corner who "gets" social media solely responsible for the posts.

The system also aggregates all the key measures together - comments, likes, shares, clicks, retweets, etc - so that you can see what worked, may hypothesis on why it worked and try it again. It stores all your assets so that you can go back to the well rerun promotions or simply analyze performance of all activity.

But if you'd rather watch something in video format - check this out.

It is a great product. Works well and really has a need. If you want to see it, drop me a line.