Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Software to Manage Social Media - SocialTALK

After a few months of work - my company has launched SocialTalk. This is a nifty piece of web based software that helps companies manage and measure social media better. This is why we created it...

We work with clients on many fronts, building branded communities, social measurement, and managing Facebook applications and fan pages. I'm also a user, having tested and using a bunch of aggregation services like Hootsuite, and TubeMogul. All these work for posting, but there was nothing out there that included workflow or aggregated all the key measures together.

Still, you may ask - 'who cares'.

This is why.

As social media matures and we emerge from the infatuation phase there needs to be some systems of checks and balances to make sure that what a company is posting is approved and that it works. I've seen numerous marketers inadvertently launch products, post confidential information or just plain post something they wish they hadn't.

SocialTalk brings in governance that companies need in managing multiple Facebook, Twitter or Blog presences. A simple workflow system lets brand managers, product managers, legal and others contribute to the process. No longer is the lowly coordinator sitting in the corner who "gets" social media solely responsible for the posts.

The system also aggregates all the key measures together - comments, likes, shares, clicks, retweets, etc - so that you can see what worked, may hypothesis on why it worked and try it again. It stores all your assets so that you can go back to the well rerun promotions or simply analyze performance of all activity.

But if you'd rather watch something in video format - check this out.

It is a great product. Works well and really has a need. If you want to see it, drop me a line.

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