Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Analyzing My Linkedin Network and Applying Insights

As more people are adding more and more social networks to their overall web of online activities, understanding the relationships of these networks is valuable for many applications.  As a marketer, I find that these networks are critical for identifying key people that may be influential or using as a tool to segment people for marketing purposes.

I recently pulled my Linkedin network graph to understand the relationships between my various contacts and people who are key to my network connections.  Here is what it looks like, with my annotations added.

The labels are obvious.  Most of my network clusters are groupings of people where I have worked, clients I have worked with or other social groupings.  The main take-away from the 'jelly-fish' look of my network is that the primary use of Linkedin for me is business contacts.  I have some University and High School connections, but I have not actively sought these connections like I have on Facebook.

The red circles are key hubs that connect various networks and have a significant volume of connections themselves.  These are people that I actively keep warm as close contacts due to their influence on other people and their ability to keep me connected to various groups.  That being said, these are not the only people that I keep in contact with, but what this graph shows me is the importance of them if I want to keep connected to various clusters or grow my overall network.

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